Many Advantages of using Corrugated Boxes for Packaging in China

Corrugated cardboard is the packing material preferred by many industries. It is made from an arced paper known as ‘fluting’. Flute actually works as cushion for the packaged material for providing safety against mechanical shocks, vibration, jerks, etc. With its high tech construction, it is capable of carrying a wide range of weights. An advanced computer designed and manufacturing system is used by paper box manufacturerfor creating corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes are very useful for packing expensive and fragile objects like gadgets, television, glassware, sensitive furniture pieces, retail packaging boxesand much more. Here are some of the significant advantages of using corrugated boxes as packaging materials:

  • In the current times, when energy and fuel prices are hiking excessively, corrugated cardboard boxes have emerged as cost effective and feasible packaging solution for many industries. Due to its endless benefits, it is popular choice of many designers and brands.
  • These corrugated retail packaging boxes safeguard products against moisture and keep them safe during long distance transportation. These boxes can be varied in sizes and thickness as per the amount of protection required by the products to be transported.
  • As corrugated boxes are easily customizable, they can be adjusted to meet any requirement. A paper box company offers corrugated boxes in many different sizes and can be folded into various shapes to fit into the requirements of most industries.
  • Corrugated cardboard is the most economical and sustainable solution for all industries. The raw material required for making corrugated boxes is cheap. Also, you don’t need to spend much on labour or tools to manufacture corrugated boxes. Also, corrugated boxes are extremely light, so they do not raise your shipping cost due to their weight.
  • Corrugated boxes are fairly easy to recycle. They can be folded back up and stored for future use. As more and more companies are recognizing the need of environment sustainability, they are giving preference to packaging that can be recycled or that is made from renewable source materials.
  • Corrugated boxes have better printing qualities supporting most types of printing options such as litho, digital and screen printing. So, the companies can print their logos, product information, advertisement message and much more.
  • Corrugated boxes are ideally safe for packaging food stuffs. During the manufacturing process of corrugated boxes, higher temperature is applied and material itself reaches temperatures of at least 100 °C three times during the manufacturing procedure.

Corrugated boxes are versatile packaging materials. From your grocery store to cosmetics to electronic goods, these boxes are used for shipping a wide variety of products across the globe in various modes of transportation.


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